August 31, 2016

Keynote Speakers

Thursday Keynote (11/4, 8:15 am)

Signals for the Libraries of the Future



Portrait of Miguel Figuora

Miguel Figueroa, Center for the Future of Libraries, American Library Association

The future of libraries is all around us – in signals from our communities, the technology and education sectors, and changes in our economy and demographics. We can all start to envision the future of libraries by leveraging our curiosity, our direct connection to patrons, and our inherent and acquired diversities. Using lessons learned through the establishment of ALA’s Center for the Future of Libraries, this session will explore how futurists think about the future, how library professionals can bring a futurist perspective into our work and planning, and how thinking about the future can lead to innovations in our profession.

Friday Keynote (11/4, 8:15 am)

Libraries Transform, But How?



Lori Easterwood and Jessica Jupitus

Lori Easterwood, Library Manager, Folsom Public Library

Jessica Jupitus, Central Library Manager, Sacramento Public Library

Failure is inevitable and every decision made is a guess at being successful. Libraries are a space where that kind of failure can lead to discovery – for the public, for the staff, for anyone. We are an access point for information, the first “aha” in a discovery, a starting place for a journey into the unexpected. Libraries can transform by building a community, being embedded in an existing community, or allowing the community to drive the decision-making. Lori and Jessica have created projects like alt+library, You Belong @ Your Library, Library Unexpected, and the Library of Things – all transformations that involved a measure of failure along with success. Lori and Jessica will talk about being open to transformation – even the awkward parts.

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